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American Web Loan Loan
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>>>>AMERICANWEBLOAN.COM from your account and does not go toward loan, it is a biweekly fee. more like interest.

hundreds of dollars gone for just interest, not even the loan so you have to come up with them money before you get paid of they tack on another 210 when you get paid just for interest. does not help you, puts you in more of a debt and you have to pinch pennies just to get by. will NEVER use them again! i was told the money taken out biweekly went towards loan.

NOT TRUE! what they do is collect money on your payday towards interest, then you have to pay more over the amount to try to get the loan balance down. so doing the math when i was finally aware. they already took $420 dollars just toward interest.

not toward the loan. so if i can get the loan paid before the next two weeks then i would have spent $1,195 on a $700 loan. umm yea if i knew that it did not go toward the loan i would have never signed up for it. when you are told that the money that is being taken out of your account is going to something and it doesn't, it goes toward some fee...

don't do it. i was not explained that clearly and i will have to suffer for it.

but i advise people not to go for it. it puts you in more of a bind just to try to fix what you were already in.


Webloan lied said 150 was one time finance charge then I could choose a paydown option to pay off the remainder of loan which was 500 now they are not giving me an option to choose a payment method and informed me that the 150 finance charge is a revovling charge every 2 weeks so that you are never actually paying on the initial 500 one month into loan I will have already given them 300 on 500 with nothing going towards actual loan balance we are strapped financially all they did was make it worse I will have to skip a house payment just to get rid of them before 6 wks rolls around n iv given them 450 on 500 with absolutely nothing taken off of original loan they lied about finance charge they lied and said not a payday loan I will never go back to them or reccommend anyone because its the most crooked thing I've ever encountered


Luvin 73178

My recommendention for u is to close your checking account because I did experience the same with American Web Loan u will never going to pay the loan close u'r account and open a new one and call consumer protection if they call u insulting u for stop pay them trust me u paid them enought off :)

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American Web Loan aka AWL 1365% interest

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you about your concerns. Please contact us at at your earliest convenience.
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American Web Loan Loan
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They are charging me $270.00 every two weeks interest only, for a $900.00 Loani got for an emergency. I was told I would pay monthly until loan was paid off, finding out they are deducting from my account every two weeks, which makes it impossible to pay it off.

1365% interest, I thought loan sharking was illegal. Don't believe what they tell you on the phone.

They act like they are helpful on the phone before you get the loan, then they will not work with you after they get hold of your bank account. They also use at least two names to deduct from your account.


You all are so correct I have been paying for a 400.00 loan since November and is just finding out that I have not paid anything on the loan this is terrible I had emergency had to take this loan and now its putting me in super big hole. Having trouble paying monthly bills.

can't get a rep to tell me how to get rid of it. I am over a $1020 for $400 loan


What you have to do is close out your checking account so they can't bleed you dry. They threatened me and kept calling me but in the end there was nothing they could do because pay day loans are ILLEGAL in N.J.

I can't speak for other states.

Also make sure if you call them to BLOCK the number your calling from or they will jump all over that number and keep calling that one as well. I paid them back in full and more so i owe them NOTHING.


Did you pay them with interest or you paid your original loan amount. How did you make the payment?


BEWARE, this company is owned by the American "Missouria {{Redacted}}" which means the government can't do a damned thing about their scams.


Check and see because they or operating as if they are part of an {{Redacted}} and they are not legally a part of the {{Redacted}}.


American Web Loan is a bunch of *** bag thieves. If you run into trouble paying these vermin back they don't care and will NOT work with you.

They will keep hitting your checking racking up the over drafts. These pond *** need to be sued and put out of business.


I dont rrcomend anybody to,take out a loan from these pol they are a bunch of theifs they charge me more than my loan to keep the *** open who the *** wants to keep a loan open the point is to pay it off right well whrn I called I wasnt even paying my loan off,i wasnt told about this :( :( :( :(


These a..holes will harass u nd the company u work 4. They hav harassed they people I used to work for to the point in which I was fired.

Wateva u do dnt get a loan from these jerks. :( :(


didn't you read the loan papers before you signed them? it should be all spelled out as to intrest, APR and loan payment amount--

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