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Threats about legitigation papers services

American Web Loan does not practice the processes you have mentioned. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to American Web Loan, please contact us at or call us at 877-860-7171.
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my place of employment received several telephone calls from a male subj who asked several times to speak to a someone w/authority there. the person who took the call tried to get as much information as possible,but the male person continued to be evasive and also with my supervisor. he was told not to come to this secured building. I called the nbr provided,only to get a voicemail that was full and another nbr which continued to be busy. finally I made contact w/awl and spoke to a female who asked if i had been served and did I intended to fraud the company,i said "no",then she wanted to make a deal with me. she put me on hold and the telephone line disconnected. I felt very afraid. jinnee

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Scam all the way

We are unable to contact you based upon the information provided.
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i took out a loan from awl and after making several payments i still owed way more then i borrowed, just to keep up i had to take out other online payday loans, now im in debt like $8,000 with these *** things! finally i had to close my checking account and have tried contacting the company many times to try to settle, now a locater has been calling and threatining me!

im at a loss to what to do, im considering bankruptcy just to get them off my back help, any suggestions? also im in colorado and i found out these loans are illegal in my state

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American Web Loan

We are unable to contact you based upon the information provided.
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This is a huge Scam. Paid off first loan from them in lum sum and was ok with huge interest.

Stupidly got another loan for $600 and elected to pay it off in installments- I believed I was paying off the original loan plus interest. $171 twice a month. When I called to see when the loan would be paid off I was told in 8 months. My 4 payments of $171 were ALL INTEREST.

No principle was paid.

I am Blocking them from my bank account and am reporting to them to the BBB in NY. Do Not use them at all.

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M Taylor

We are unable to contact you based upon the information provided.
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American Web Loans is just crazy! I borrowed $500 they said I have to pay 16 payments of $150.

I told them they were crazy as ***. I was online for this company but I thought it would not go through because I did'nt finish everything on the application. I looked into my checking account and the money was there. They did not call me to tell me anything or email me anything saying i got the money.

They are just a rip off!!! I am paying this company only $150 bi-weekly and it does not go towards my loan. Do they think people are ***!

See if you get it from me!

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American Web Loan illegal voice mail threatening me that I have charges pending against me....Americ

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you about your concerns. Please contact us at at your earliest convenience.
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merican Web Loan call this morning by their locator telling me I need to call 866 - 501 - ****. American Web

Loan said if I do not respond they will file fraud charges against I guess this tactic still works. American Web Loan said that charges are pending against me and that I have "officially been served" ha... I love American Web Loan

The links above are from the calls that I uploaded to youtube...check it out it is really funny as sad as it really is. I Love AMERICAN WEB LOAN




Hi Jamie,

Let's cut through the red tape. We both know what is going on. Here in my state of NJ no licensed or legal collection agency will buy your illegal loans (I know this is up for argument but in NJ they are illegal and unenforceable. So your company, in which you are fully aware has a sister company or a contractor to make these calls. It is a pretty clever system...have a "locator" call you that asks you to call "the firm who is handling the account" with a claim number. I have all the calls recorded and the phone numbers unmasked. You, I and a small few know what is going on but hopefully I will help change that. The debt in question was in fact American Web Loan and is not a scam or a company using your companies name. The scam is your company illegally collecting loans that are illegal and unenforceable to begin with. You and I know if they don't pay you can do nothing to get them to pay outside of these types of tactics. Please do not respond as if I am not educated...keep in mind I have been following the payday loan industry for years now and I know it just as good as you do....bleed em dry.

Your company is destroying lives and families and not helping them. If your customers infrequently took out an emergency loan here and there that would be one thing but your company makes all of its money off of repeat borrowers.

If you would like to discuss this matter and how we can make it right please feel free to email me anytime at david joseph 122 at g mail dot com. I have proof and more recordings will be up soon.


Had locator call me yesterday. If I didn't pay up they would serve me papers i told them I would take my change and go to court.

They say fraud , I said I couldn't keep up with American web loan payments. What is going to happen to me??


I have received numerous calls to my moms house(I moved out over 20 yrs ago), my job.....I finally called back a person by Chris Parker who states he is a locator and will come to my job to serve me with court papers and I am being sued for fraud!!!


i am Musa Jemi by name, the C E O, Of Musa Micro Finance, i give out loans to individuals and company at 5% if you are in need of loan, you can contact me via email at. (musa_jemi@*** i will be glad to offer you loan,


Hello. My name is Jamie and I am the general manager of American Web Loan. I reviewed your complaint and your videos posted on YouTube and would like to apologize for the way you have been treated.

I am very troubled by the experience you are having with someone who claims to be affiliated with us and would like to work with you to resolve your concerns and get to the bottom of this. If you could please email me with your name and contact information, I would like to reach out to you to personally apologize. My e-mail address is GeneralManager at

Finally, I would like to assure you that Ann Miller is not one of our employees, nor does the phone number that she provided belong to us. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you very much for your time.


I think you are going to need to make several personal calls. They have been harrassing the heck out of my family.

I believe you need to find out who is doing this and press charges.


What the *** you talking about this is still happening

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Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you about your concerns. Please contact us at at your earliest convenience.
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I took out a loan through American Web Loan for $1,300.00. They have take (4) payments of $390.00 and $20.00 out of my checking account for a total of $1,580.00.

I called them this morning to find out the the balance that was owed on my account. I was informed that I owe a PRINICPAL BALANCE OF $1,300.00 AND $390.00 INTEREST.

I told the lady that I ws speaking to that this is in correct, as I have made 4 payments of $390.00 and she said that was straight interest, that they take the interest payment every other week and its up to me to apply additional payments to my loan.

I explained to her that I was under the impression that the $390.00 was a principal & interest payment. She informed me that it was not. I asked her to e-mail me a copy of loan documents because I can't believe I would have agreed to Interest Payments of $1,580.00 that I have PAID TO DATE WITH NOTHING GOING AGAINST THE PRINCIPAL.


1 comment

What was the outcome after speaking to an attourney?

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AWL Is A Complete Scam/Loan Sharking Bastards!!!

We are unable to contact you based upon the information provided.
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Actually took two loans out from AWL, the first was for $700, which went pretty uneventfully, Paid an additional to the $180 bi-weekly here & there but really didn't monitor it or pay it much mind, It was paid off rather quickly but the second loan was for $1000 and I was told by the AWL Customer Service Rep prior to accepting the loan that there would be a $276 finance charge which i figured meant that I would be paying back $1276 on a $1000 loan, thought that was acceptable not knowing & never being told otherwise that it was a $276 withdrawal bi-weekly for fee's and none of that money was being applied to what they like to call the "principal amount", unfortunately I realized this after I was already 9 payments In totaling $2484 with my balance still at a $1000 so in essence you must apply more than the finance charge for any monies to be applied directly to the loan, the more you pay the lower your finance charge Is but I was also told that if I didn't apply anything other than the finance charge bi-weekly for 15 payments the loan would be paid in full which means on a $1000 loan you would be paying back a whooping $4140 but at any time you apply additional money to the finance charge it affects your total balance, so for example if your 3, 6, 9, 14 payments In on just paying the finance charge and you apply even one additional dollar to your next payment your pretty much starting off at the beginning again so your even more screwed, so at this point I'm 11 payments In and paid out $3036 at which point I have taken advise from several friends to close my account & let them try and get there money another way, I've already paid 3X the amount owed and my balance is still $1000 as far as I'm concerned I owe you nothing, go F yourself.

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American Web Loan or Pay Day Loan Shark Scam

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Borrowed $1300 as an emergancy bridge to pay some medical expenses until my tax return arrived. Company said that they would take the payment out of my account monthly until I paid it off.

After 3 and a half weeks they took $1950.00 out of my account. Whne I called them to ask what they were doing they told me that I was supposed to go on their web site and tell them how much my payment was each month and the $1950.00 was over and above the principal balnce I borrowed. SO bascially they took $2000.00 interest in 3 weeks on a $1300.00 loan. I blocked them from access to my account and have contacted the BBB, Attorney's General Office on both NY, OK, and the OK Securities and exchange and banking commision, as well as the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit.

This is a complete and total Money Loan Shark operation. Not legit at all.


THEY DID THE SAM *** TO ME! im so angry bc that is not what they told me!

they said they would take the payments out of my account.

and when i called thinking that this would me my LAST payment they said NOTHING That i have paid as even gone to the principal! this is total BS!


Well i wish i would have looked to see what was said about this company,, i also took out a loan emergency i tried to get on there websight and it wont let me so i called them and they said well if you cant tell me what the problem is i cant help you ,, i didnt get anywhere. :(


Have they sent anything to collections for your non payment? I am doing the same thing and have already paid back the amount I borrowed in fees.

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AWL American web loan .com

We are unable to contact you based upon the information provided.
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American web loan is a ripoff

We are unable to contact you based upon the information provided.
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Company is charging us 180.00 a week for fee's. No money going towards payment of loan amount.

Said u have to set amount that you want takin out. I set this up on their site before i got off phone with person that was speaking to me. To make sure it was done right. We've paid 540.00 out of 600.00 and their saying we still owe 600.00!

Wanting to speak to others with same problem. Email me at julesvtwin@***.com .

I'm gonna speak to lawyer! This company needs to be shut down!!!!


My husband and I ended up paying $1500 in interest, on a $700 loan, before we realized that the loan amount was not going down. These people take advantage of you with all their fast talke.

We were then able to pay it off in full and they charge another interest fee plus some other fees. The final pay off amount was $946 plus the $1500 they had already taken. When we wanted to pay it off, online. It was like an act of congress trying to pay it off.

You can't pay it off anytime you want to, only when they say it's OK.

What a scam. Stay away from them!!!!!!!


Yes, this company takes advantage of people in need. The way they present it to you is that they will charge a fee of $180 for a $600 loan, but they dont tell how many times.

The WebLoan representative gives you incomplete informatiom over the phone to catch their victims.

"She told me you dont have a time frame to pay back, you pay what you can every to weeks, but she didnt say that meanwhile the will charge you $180 every two weeks until you cover the $600.I call them and let them know about that it was insane and a easy way to steal money. Its really a ripoff taking advsntage of people needs.

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>>>>AMERICANWEBLOAN.COM from your account and does not go toward loan, it is a biweekly fee. more like interest.

hundreds of dollars gone for just interest, not even the loan so you have to come up with them money before you get paid of they tack on another 210 when you get paid just for interest. does not help you, puts you in more of a debt and you have to pinch pennies just to get by. will NEVER use them again! i was told the money taken out biweekly went towards loan.

NOT TRUE! what they do is collect money on your payday towards interest, then you have to pay more over the amount to try to get the loan balance down. so doing the math when i was finally aware. they already took $420 dollars just toward interest.

not toward the loan. so if i can get the loan paid before the next two weeks then i would have spent $1,195 on a $700 loan. umm yea if i knew that it did not go toward the loan i would have never signed up for it. when you are told that the money that is being taken out of your account is going to something and it doesn't, it goes toward some fee...

don't do it. i was not explained that clearly and i will have to suffer for it.

but i advise people not to go for it. it puts you in more of a bind just to try to fix what you were already in.


Webloan lied said 150 was one time finance charge then I could choose a paydown option to pay off the remainder of loan which was 500 now they are not giving me an option to choose a payment method and informed me that the 150 finance charge is a revovling charge every 2 weeks so that you are never actually paying on the initial 500 one month into loan I will have already given them 300 on 500 with nothing going towards actual loan balance we are strapped financially all they did was make it worse I will have to skip a house payment just to get rid of them before 6 wks rolls around n iv given them 450 on 500 with absolutely nothing taken off of original loan they lied about finance charge they lied and said not a payday loan I will never go back to them or reccommend anyone because its the most crooked thing I've ever encountered


Luvin 73178

My recommendention for u is to close your checking account because I did experience the same with American Web Loan u will never going to pay the loan close u'r account and open a new one and call consumer protection if they call u insulting u for stop pay them trust me u paid them enought off :)

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American Web Loan aka AWL 1365% interest

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you about your concerns. Please contact us at at your earliest convenience.
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They are charging me $270.00 every two weeks interest only, for a $900.00 Loani got for an emergency. I was told I would pay monthly until loan was paid off, finding out they are deducting from my account every two weeks, which makes it impossible to pay it off.

1365% interest, I thought loan sharking was illegal. Don't believe what they tell you on the phone.

They act like they are helpful on the phone before you get the loan, then they will not work with you after they get hold of your bank account. They also use at least two names to deduct from your account.


You all are so correct I have been paying for a 400.00 loan since November and is just finding out that I have not paid anything on the loan this is terrible I had emergency had to take this loan and now its putting me in super big hole. Having trouble paying monthly bills.

can't get a rep to tell me how to get rid of it. I am over a $1020 for $400 loan


What you have to do is close out your checking account so they can't bleed you dry. They threatened me and kept calling me but in the end there was nothing they could do because pay day loans are ILLEGAL in N.J.

I can't speak for other states.

Also make sure if you call them to BLOCK the number your calling from or they will jump all over that number and keep calling that one as well. I paid them back in full and more so i owe them NOTHING.


Did you pay them with interest or you paid your original loan amount. How did you make the payment?


BEWARE, this company is owned by the American "Missouria {{Redacted}}" which means the government can't do a damned thing about their scams.


Check and see because they or operating as if they are part of an {{Redacted}} and they are not legally a part of the {{Redacted}}.


American Web Loan is a bunch of *** bag thieves. If you run into trouble paying these vermin back they don't care and will NOT work with you.

They will keep hitting your checking racking up the over drafts. These pond *** need to be sued and put out of business.


I dont rrcomend anybody to,take out a loan from these pol they are a bunch of theifs they charge me more than my loan to keep the *** open who the *** wants to keep a loan open the point is to pay it off right well whrn I called I wasnt even paying my loan off,i wasnt told about this :( :( :( :(


These a..holes will harass u nd the company u work 4. They hav harassed they people I used to work for to the point in which I was fired.

Wateva u do dnt get a loan from these jerks. :( :(


didn't you read the loan papers before you signed them? it should be all spelled out as to intrest, APR and loan payment amount--

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